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28 Jan
State of the Market – January 2021
Category: News
We discuss the state of the market and fund performance as of January 2021. What lies ahead for the rest of the year?
23 Jul
London Fintech Week – July 2018
Category: News
The London Fintech week held in July 2018 was attended by companies from all over the world, despite the recent decline in overall crypto market cap there was a positive atmosphere...
08 Apr
Chile Blockchain Summit
Category: News
Santiago de Chile was the venue, a great city to visit with beautiful views of the nearby Andes mountains. Chile is extremely developed and boasts a strong economy, stable governme...
08 Apr
Lydia.Capital attend Bitcoinday Argentina
Category: News
Bitcoinday Argentina on the 5th April featured featured talks by the founders of XAPO,, Rootstock and Signatura.
01 Mar
Lydia.Capital attends Cambridge University Blockchain Summit at Judge Business School
Category: News
When prestigious establishments such as Cambridge University are hosting blockchain forums then you know it’s time to take notice. The event was packed with knowledgeable speakers ...