23 Jul
London Fintech Week – July 2018
Category: News
The London Fintech week held in July 2018 was attended by companies from all over the world, despite the recent decline in overall crypto market cap there was a positive atmosphere...
21 May
Russia Argentina Blockchain Congress – 6 and 7 April 2018
Category: Events
Russia, Colombia, Argentina Blockchain Congress – Buenos Aires April 10th 2018 Lydia attended the event hosted in Buenos Aires this week. There was a good turnout from local firms ...
08 Apr
Chile Blockchain Summit
Category: News
Santiago de Chile was the venue, a great city to visit with beautiful views of the nearby Andes mountains. Chile is extremely developed and boasts a strong economy, stable governme...
08 Apr
Lydia.Capital attend Bitcoinday Argentina
Category: News
Bitcoinday Argentina on the 5th April featured featured talks by the founders of XAPO, Buda.com, Rootstock and Signatura.