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About Lydia Capital

Lydia Capital is an event organiser and networking platform focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We use a value proposition to assess the mid-term growth potentials of various cryptocurrencies, along with a technical analysis to grasp short-term trading opportunities. We also analyse and participate in, ICO’s [Initial Coin Offerings] with a view to gaining very early stage positions in promising new projects and business models. Our team is made up of technology and investing professionals with many decades of experience. We manage our own portfolio and assist investors by providing the information and education they need to succeed with their own investments.

Our focus is on generating double or triple digit gains for our investors. Cryptocurrency investing is not for everyone. If you prefer cautious, stable growth, then we’re not for you. If however, you’re excited by meteoric growth potential, and being part of the revolution that blockchain is bringing to the world, an investment with Lydia Capital could be your gateway to very special levels of return.

Lydia Capital was founded on the value of trust. Our initial investors were all individuals who have profound belief in the cryptocurrency market; more importantly, they trusted our set of investing philosophy and trading strategies that we have used to make sensible, values-based investment decisions.

For further information regarding Lydia Capital and investment-related inquiries, please contact us.

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