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Lydia.Capital Latam Blockchain Summit Review

Posted by: Marcus Cent
Category: Events

Lydia.Capital Blockchain Summit Review - March 18 to 20, 2018

The date was March 18th. The first of 3 amazing days when blockchain professionals and investors came together to network, get deals done, and socialise over some fantastic hospitality, Argentina style. Attendees gathered from around the world, travelling from Dubai, Europe, USA, and South America, all to meet, learn, trade, and have fun.

Algodon Group provided the venue for all 3 days, with the opening day hosted at the Algodon Mansion. This proved to be a great venue, with free flowing Algodon wine to keep the attendees lubricated. A smaller group travelled onwards to the Algodon Wine Estate in San Rafael for 2 further days of chats, debates, and socialising.

Many issues were covered over the course of 3 days. Long-lasting business relationships were made and deals transacted during the event itself. A few of the highlights and conclusions of a jam-packed event;

Blockchain entrepreneurs are bullish on the market. Innovation in buying and selling crypto will help bring crypto to the mainstream. Solutions such as Xtrade.io, founded by Alex Kravetz, are helping to facilitate the development of trading desks, create liquidity, and bring traditional finance into the market.

Future entrepreneurs are turning to blockchain to build the next generation of startups. Swedish internet pioneer, Johan Stael von Holstein, made an impassioned speech on how blockchain can disrupt the traditional startup financing world so dominated by the venture capital model.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has put the focus on blockchain solutions which can protect user data and privacy. Kris Nelson of SRAX told the event how the Srax BIG token can fuel the new currency of user-data and help empower users who have previously been prevented from realising value from their own data.

Traditional assets are increasingly being tokenized allowing asset owners to realise new forms of financing, and opening up a new form of investing to end users. Ted Pendleton of AlphaPoint explained how simple it can be be to create new exchange platforms where tokens of all types can be traded easily and securely.

The ICO market is alive and well, despite a cyclical downswing in the market. ICO investing is still not easily accessible by mainstream investors. Solutions such as Superbloom, founded by Emmie Chang, are helping to make ICO investing simpler and more transparent.

Lydia.Capital would like to thank all our event attendees for helping make the 1st Summit such a success. We would also like to extend our thanks to Keith Fasano and everyone at Algodon for out of this world hospitality.

Here’s our summary video showcasing some of the highlights of Day 1.

Author: Marcus Cent
I'm a digital industry entrepreneur, investor, and startup enthusiast.