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Why Sponsor a Lydia.Capital Event?

Posted by: Marcus Cent
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Lydia.Capital run a calendar of events designed to educate, entertain, and facilitate business opportunities in blockchain investment.

Great Networking Opportunities
Lydia Capital & Algodon Luxury Development Group (VINO) host fantastic blockchain focused networking events on their vineyard properties located in Argentina and France. From our hub in Buenos Aires to the serenity of the Wine Estate, you’ll find the perfect environment to relax, engage and interact. Sample our award-winning wines and take part in our meet the speaker’s session.

Meet the Movers and Shakers
Engage with the leading players showcasing their products, services, platforms and solutions. Meet with established industry leaders, investors and startups set to change the face of the market.

Where Business Leaders Meet
Meet with business & industry leaders looking to harness the power of the Blockchain for their organizations. Join a community of CEO’s to engage, connect & learn.

Industries covered
Power Generation/Transmission
Retail/Consumer Goods
Real estate
Industry associations

Targeted Positions
Business heads
Managing Partners
Principals/Managing Directors
Vice Presidents/Directors
FinTech Professionals
Head of Data Science
Technical Advisors
Software Engineers
Research Managers
Development Managers
Marketing Managers Developers
Blockchain Startups Investors
Tech Companies
Blockchain startups IT/ITES/
Data mining
Digital security
Healthcare technology
M2M providers
Industrial automation

Example Topics Covered at our Events

Smart Contracts – Understanding the intersection between blockchain, smart contracts & IOT Implications on what some of the brightest minds in the market are doing and dreaming up.
Blockchain & Our Future – The evolution of the Internet of value through blockchain. The role of mobile phones in a cashless society with different kinds of crypto currencies. Machine intelligence and the Internet of Things will be the next big industrial revolution.
Smart Banking & Currencies – How blockchain will revolutionize the financial service industry and beyond banking and financial systems at large: Fundamental assumptions underpinning our understanding of money.
Financial Decentralization – Why financial institutions are looking at blockchain as a fundamental technology platform? Why regulators across the globe are focusing their attention on the legal and regulatory implications of this technology.


Author: Marcus Cent
I'm a digital industry entrepreneur, investor, and startup enthusiast.