Lydia.Capital attends Cambridge University Blockchain Summit at Judge Business School

Lydia.Capital attends Cambridge University Blockchain Summit at Judge Business School

Posted by: Marcus Cent
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When prestigious establishments such as Cambridge University are hosting blockchain forums then you know it’s time to take notice. The event was packed with knowledgeable speakers and plenty of great educational content. It was particularly interesting to see members of European Parliament and representatives from the government of Gibraltar, UK and Singapore in attendance.

It seems there is a race on between Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, Singapore and Puerto Rico amongst others to become the #1 digital asset friendly jurisdiction. A similar situation took place a few years back but in the gaming and gambling sector, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top this time.

HK and Singapore are also attracting tech/crypto startups and will even assist with the relevant banking KYC and DD.

The overriding feeling from the event is that blockchain technology is set to change the world rather like the internet did twenty years ago, this is the message from the UK government representative and from lecturers at Cambridge University.

There were several interesting projects on show, for example a solution that will allow property/title deeds to be held using blockchain technology thus removing the need for the middle man. Another project of note was a technology solution that will allow users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between the different exchanges.

How can the regular investor benefit? For those that don’t have the time or knowledge to make money in the sector then it’s still a great time to invest in existing digital currencies as well as ICOs that solve problems using blockchain technology.

Author: Marcus Cent
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